Tag&Rename 3.9.8
Admin 2016-07-09

Designed for people who like to have their music collection well-organized, Tag&Rename is a tool that can help you easily edit music files' tags.
Using a Windows Explorer interface, Tag&Rename permits users to easily find music files and edit their detailed information. The searching process can be filtered by document / tag type or other standards and the found files can be sorted according to your preferences. Besides that, you can listen to music using your selected player, while managing multiple files.
The main role of Tag&Rename is to help you batch edit music tags. In order to do this, you just have to select the desired files, input detailed information about the artist, recording, genre, year, comments and then use the 'Save Tags' button. Moreover, Tag&Rename supports many more additional tag fields, among that you can find cover art, song, mood, rating, composer, record related URL's and so on.
With just one click, you will be able just to save the picked music files to a M3U playlist that can be used later with other players. Furthermore, you can certainly assign an appliance cover art to a directory or a file and even customize the trail number.
Tag&Rename includes an MP3 Tag's synchronization sorcerer which you can use to easily connect between ID3v1 and ID3v2 tag data. You can also export music information in HTML, CSV or XML format if you wish to make use of it with other applications.
A big benefit that Tag&Rename offers you is the opportunity to rename multiple music files at the same time by placing rename variables related to their embedded tag data. The program allows you to preview the bring about a separate 'before and after' window. Furthermore, you can set custom-made renaming actions that this software helps you to save for later use.
Tag&Rename is a lightweight and highly configurable application designed to help music fans manage their collections in a fairly easy and intuitive way.

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