Wise Force Deleter 1.24.25
Admin 2016-04-11

Have you ever tried to delete a file from your computer only to receive an error message? Common error messages include:
- Access denied
- File is in use
- There has been a sharing violation
You may receive such error messages even when you are the only person using the computer and have not opened another program. In such instances, Wise Force Deleter will come in handy. The free application is designed to forcefully and permanently remove stubborn files that Windows cannot remove normally. It achieves this by removing any file-access restrictions or terminating processes using the files without your knowledge.

The application features a friendly interface that any Windows user can handle easily. You can add files you want to delete using drag and drop feature. Alternatively, you can click the “Add file” button on the lower left corner of the application window. The application also integrates to the context menu, allowing you to delete a file by right-clicking on it and selecting “Force Delete.”

If you mistakenly add a file that you do not want to delete, you can easily remove it from the list. Once you have confirmed that you want to delete the files in the list, click the “Unlock & Delete” button on the lower right corner of the window. A pop-up dialog box will appear where you need to confirm the step before deleting the files.

Ensure no application requires the files because you cannot undo the action. The deleted files are not sent to the Recycle bin where you may retrieve them.

Wise Force Deleter is compatible with almost all versions of Windows. The lightweight application is only 1.25 MB and requires minimal system resources.

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