File Tagger 2.3
Admin 2016-05-06

Labeling records and envelopes makes them simpler to find and sort, however you may think that its testing to perform this critical errand unless you utilize proper programming. You can undoubtedly utilize File Tagger to tag or bookmark your records and organizers without influencing the document framework.

Utilizing File Tagger

When we propelled File Tagger, it opened a straightforward graphical client interface with two tabs on the upper side for making new labels and skimming existing labels separately.
When we needed to make new labels, we could either move and customize a record or organizer or duplicate and glue its way into the way message box. We then entered the labels we needed on the content box underneath that. We isolated different labels with clear spaces, and comparative labels showed up in another container beneath the label box, which we could use for auto finish by squeezing Enter.Once we had made the labels we needed, we essentially tapped the "Spare TAGS" catch.
The project incorporated with the connection menu, permitting us to enter labels specifically by right-tapping on documents and organizers. Furthermore, remedying the way of a record in an organizer consequently remedied whatever is left of the document ways in the envelope.
A crate on the lower left part of the interface showed a background marked by labels, demonstrating to us the ones that were included and those that were changed. We saw the project form, a connection to its source code and a catch for checking reports on the lower right part of the application window.
We looked for records on the "Search Tags" tab, where we entered the labels we needed. We could likewise look for various labels isolated by clear spaces.
The system recorded significant documents, organizers and sites sorted by inexact string coordinating calculation when we tapped the "CHECK FILES" catch. We opened the one we needed by tapping on it. On the other hand, we could evacuate the labels we had entered.


On the off chance that you have countless on your PC, then you'll promptly welcome the assistance of File Tagger. Now and then finding the definite record you need can be troublesome, particularly when you're in a rush. Once you've utilized the free programming to add suitable labels to your records, you can utilize it to find them effectively via looking for significant catchphrases.
Programming Product Description

This is a straightforward application to bookmark/tag your organizers and documents.
For labeling sites, at this moment, you need to duplicate glue way. Module/augmentation for web-programs should be produced.

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